Dialogue beetwen countries of Visegrad Group

In September a photo exhibition showing the events of the project was organized.

It was seen by all pupils in Miejski Zespół Szkół Nr 6 in Hallera Street, Gorlice as well as their parents and members of the local community. The information about the Visegrad Fund was also given together with the photos. The exhibition encouraged other pupils to be involved in the projects in the future as they keep asking about the continuation of the project.




Arrival of pupils and teachers from Poland to the Czech Republic


Travel to Kralupy On the 9th of June we travelled to the Czech Republic. Our travel was good and very long. When we arrived to a school in Kralupy we were very tired. After supper we went sightseeing the town. On the next day we went to the shopping centre in Prague. Prague is the capital and this city isn't definetely boring! We saw castles, the river and a lot of breathtaking views. We also met with the students of our partner school. They were very friendly. We went to see a beautiful show of "Tristan and Izolde" at Krizikova Fontana. It was magnificent! We took plenty of photos during or trip. On Sunday we came back home. The travel was very interesting and exciting.
Ania Orchel and Klaudia Szot, class I A



Arrival of pupils and teachers from Poland to Hungary


Last week was great. We were on a tour in Hungary. We left Gorlice at quarter past eight on Thursday. After two hours drive we stayed in Kasice to have some ice cream. Yummy! Then we went to Hungary, to our friendly school. On Friday we went to the indoor swimming pool and in the afternoon we played in a charity concert. The next day we visited a zoo. It was wonderful to see one of the biggest zoos in Europe. Fish were the most interesting. On Sunday morning we were at the outdoor swimming pool as the weather was great. There were two giant water slides. We spend all day there. We also met local boys ans we played football with them every day. They were cool. Last night we didn't sleep:). On Monady, the last day in Hungary, we went to the outdoor swimming pool again. The wind blew strongly so eveyone was sitting in the thermal pools. I'd like to go there again. I really liked it:).
Maciej Sobczyk, class 6b


Arrival of pupils and teachers from Poland to Slovakia

On 2nd June 2011 pupils from third class of primary school went to Bardejov. The annual trip is a seven years old tradition in our school. The pupils met their peers and shared sport activities, went sightseeing the school and had a delicious meal. Then Polish pupils went sightseeing the monumental town of Bardejov, which is under UNESCO auspices. A great attraction was also the Museum of Nature and a historical tower. During the trip Polish pupils made friends with Slovac pupils and saw what their peers school day looks like.




25.05.2011 Arrival of pupils and teachers from Slovakia


On 25th May students from our friendly Slovakia's school arrived to our school. They visited our school and saw how our students are learning. After that, they walked through Gorlice and in the afternoon there were sport games and other outdoor fun. Everyone was happy and that day was really great. Aleksandra Bubniak, class II A




12.05.2011 - 15.05.2011 Arrival of pupils and teachers from the Czech Republic


May is the time of visits! We have just met with our friends from the Czech Republic. The guests were sightseeing our school and the surroundings of our town. They took part in some lessons like English, P.E. and dance workshops – where they were learning Polish national dances:). They played games with Polish pupils and were trekking in our mountainous areas. Pupils from both countries also took part in an integration disco and the teachers had a chance to chat about school life in both countries. On Saturday our guest went sightseeing Cracow, our formal capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. On Sunday they went back home to prepare for our visit.


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